All of us have heard the old saying “Beauty is skin deep” but let me take a small diversion and tell you that beauty is gut-deep. Yes, the bacteria residing in our gut (aka colon) determines how healthy we are and how our metabolism performs. A healthy metabolism ultimately culminates into a beautiful body and skin.

It is now a well-known fact that our colon or gut is filled with a lot of toxins that our body fails to eliminate and the residual bacteria in the gut plays a very important role in the toxin-elimination process. There are two types of bacteria in our gut – the good bacteria (also known as Probacteria) and bad bacteria. Though both are needed to maintain the balance of our colon still we need a steady growth in the number of good bacteria.

Medical science has proven that a healthy colon is indeed necessary for a healthy body and skin. Good bacteria are derived from a variety of food products and the good bacteria help in enhancing our digestive system, metabolism and even boost our immune system. Dairy-free coconut water kefir is a great source for injecting some good bacteria in our body. In this article, we would learn how to make Coconut water kefir.

  1. 3 fresh coconuts for coconut water. Well, you can get that from your local food store or if you have access to the local farmers, urge them to provide you with some fresh coconuts. Nowadays, even unpasteurized coconut water is available in the market; you can use this too for your coconut water kefir. Frozen organic raw coconut water can also be used for the purpose.
  2. A serrated knife would be needed for breaking open the coconut (optional for those who are using organic raw coconut water)
  3. Cleaned glass jar (1-gallon size)
  4. Kefir Grains – You can get this from the local store or order it on These grains are cheap and can be stored for a long period.

You would need to open up the coconuts to use their water. With the help of the serrated knife slowly and carefully open up the coconuts and pour the water in the clean glass jar. Now, you need to mix the kefir grains into the coconut water.

Close the lid of the jar but do not tighten much as you need some airflow into the jar. Next, you need to wrap a towel around the jar and leave it at a warm place for the next 48 hours. You might have to leave it for a longer period depending on the temperature.

When you come back, you would find cloudy white kefir that is completely probiotic-rich. It would have a sweet and tangy taste to it and can be used with salads or other dishes. You need to transfer the kefir into a clean jar after straining out the coconut water. You can rinse the kefir grains and store them for future use.

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