Inflammatory breast cancer and metastatic breast cancer are different kinds of breast cancer. The first one is uncommon cancer, in the breast is swollen and red. The skin of the breast might have ridges or appear pitted. The second one is when the illness comes back. There can be also different kinds of symptoms that can seem. The recurrence can seem in other tissues or organs. This is called “metastasis”; if cancer affects several areas it is called ”metastases”. Cancer that returns in other areas is invasive. Cancer that comes back after therapy can be invasive or non-invasive.

 Which parts of the areas should be observed when there is a threat of metastasis? The following parts should be examined:

  • the breast area
  • the chest wall
  • the lung
  • the liver
  • the lymph nodes
  • the brain
  • the bones

These are the most critical areas. The probability of the illness to be provoked in them is larger. Depending on the type of cancer if it is inflammatory breast cancer there are different kinds of therapy.

Therapy of inflammatory breast cancer

The therapy of Inflammatory breast cancer consists of radiation and surgery. When the therapy should be produced on the entire physique and chemotherapy and hormonal therapy are possible. Which therapy will be chosen is a matter of great image-produced picture of the area with cancer cells. If cancer appears in the same place as when it started, then the result is so poor. If cancer comes back as a little lump, it should be removed by surgery. If the therapy on the first appearance of the illness was lumpectomy or radiation therapy, then the recurrence should be stopped by the removal of the entire breast. 

The therapy of inflammatory breast cancer also consists of surgery, radiation and hormonal therapy. The first therapy is chemotherapy. After that, the patient might be put to surgery or radiation therapy. They affect only the cancer cells in the nearby area. The difference between them is that the objective of the surgery is to remove the tumour and the target of the radiation is to destroy the cancer cells. The surgery is called a mastectomy. 

After these treatments, the patient should undertake some steps to decrease the possibility of recurrence. Such treatments can be additional chemotherapy, hormonal and target therapies.

There are two things for fantastic success when having inflammatory breast cancer or metastatic breast cancer. The first thing is the early diagnosis. The per cent of the cured patients when the illness is caught in the lower stage is big. The second premise is the right option for therapy. The doctor should be qualified and his solutions will have a higher chance to be correct.

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