Fractionated coconut oil is the oil that has been fractioned or processed to make steady oil. The segment of oil that is processed into fractionated coconut oil is a very great source for drenched fat.  The products of this oil can be used for various purposes. Many companies who deal with cosmetics will store this oil for their usage. Massage and soap suppliers also supply this fractionated oil. Price of this fractionated oil varies with places and demand.

We can get coconut oil from the core of coconut fruit. It contains very high saturated fat. Before being processed it has a huge amount of saturated fat in it. It includes about 90% of saturated fat in it. In originality, it is solid in room temperature. It has a milky colour. When fractionated or refined it changes its colour. After get refined it becomes liquid in normal conditions. The process of refinement eliminates all impurities from oil which might cause the oil fetid over time.

Comparative to normal oil, fractionated or refined oil is very good shelf stable oil. It does not give stinking or foul-smelling after some time of storage. Unlike unrefined or untreated oil, fractionated oil is long lasting. It is convenient to labour with fractioned oil as comparative to unrefined oil. Refined or fractioned oil is proficient in handling the high temperature. This application of fractionated coconut oil makes it more usable and diverse. In addition to it, it is very convenient to work with fractionated oil. It does not require handling procedures or special storage. We just need to keep it in non-humid area.

Benefits of fractionated oil

Among its uses, one very common use of it is, as a haulier for indispensable oils. It is non- greasy and light oil. It enters into the skin very effectively. For delicate skin, it acts as a good moisturizer. This oil is used as the main ingredient of body scrubs. It is used in many cosmetics.

Soap makers use this fractioned oil in soaps, as this oil is light and unbiased in odour.  It can be blended or whipped into cosmetics, especially in those which are used as intensive moisturizers. This oil does not create any allergy. Some people may get rashes or sensitivity after using this oil. They might feel allergic. We can say it as a probable sensitivity to the oil.

Some common uses of fractionated coconut oil

Coconut oil when undergoes hydrolysis and steam distillation gives in return fractioned oil. It is used in aromatherapy also. It is used in massage. It is also used as a good antiseptic. It is used as a hair care product and also in cooking. As this oil has numerous uses we can consider it as very useful oil. Fractioned oil is tasteless, light and easily absorbable oil. It is non-greasy oil. Even though it has many uses, it’s not a very costly oil and is available at a very affordable price.

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