Today there is a large number of treatments from wrinkles. Choosing a new wonderful cream, a mask or serum, the woman starts to reflect, do anti-wrinkle creams work? If trusting to any advertising, you can spend all the money and not wait for the promised effect. Asking a question “do anti-wrinkle creams work”, we begin that cream it not a medicine. If the creams could give the same effect as cosmetic operation (botox, for example), they are considered as medicines, instead of cosmetics. It is necessary to remember it when deciding on the purchase. The preparation is considered as a medicine if it can treat the disease, facilitate or prevent illness or influence the structure or functions of a human body.

Anti-wrinkle creams have a much softer influence. Their effect and is so-called ‘cosmetic’. Therefore the manufacturer is not exposed to such rigid regulation as the pharmaceutical companies, and even the most ordinary-looking tube can be called anti-wrinkle cream.

Summing up told about the question “do anti-wrinkle creams work”, we can give you advice not to wait for miracles from the creams and be realists.

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